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OEM Silver Wire Plastic Injection Molding Solutions

OEM Silver Wire Plastic Injection Molding Solutions
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Emphasize: Analysis Of The Causes And Countermeasures Of Silver Stripes Or Material Flowers In Products
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Silver wire Injection Molding Solution


plastic Injection Molding Solutions


Silver wire plastic molding solutions

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: OEM
Certification: ISO
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Packaging Details: As the customer required
Delivery Time: 30day
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: More than 1 million
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 silver wire


  • Analysis Of The Causes And Countermeasures Of Silver Stripes Or Material Flowers In Products

Silver wire is also called silver grain or material flower, is in the product table and along the flow sentence appears similar to the phenomenon of silver hair white silk stripes. The main reason for the defects is the interference of gas (mainly water vapor, decomposition gas, solvent gas, air).

  Cause Cuntermeasure
Forming condition

1. The injection molding speed is too fast

2. The temperature of the material is too high

4. The screw speed is too fast

5 melt when the back pressure is not appropriate, too much lead to shear, too low lead to bad exhaust


The use of the injection feed machine has a long retention time

1. Reduce the speed or use graded glue

2. Reduce to the appropriate hardening temperature

3. Dry the material thoroughly

4. Set the appropriate speed

5. Set back pressure according to different conditions

6. Switch to the right model


1. The runner and gate are too small, so that the shear is too large

2. Bad exhaust

3. There is no residual economy outside the cold material and gate, resulting in cold material

1. Increase the runner and gate

2. Increase and improve exhaust gas

3. Set S cold feed well. Improved gate


Product Design

1. Not enough R in the corner

2. Improper placement of gate and bar

3. Uneven wall thickness should be injected at high speed respectively

1. Set R Angle for smooth flow

2. Rearrange the gate

3. Improve product thickness



1. More gas is produced when melting

2. Materials mixed with other miscellaneous materials

3. The recipe is too ripe to revive

1. Change to the material with less gas. 2. Carefully refueling

3. Reduce the proportion or use no raw materials

Other · The influence of release agent, Shan stain, etc avoid using


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